BUILD’s Consultation on European Union Circular Textiles Policies on Trading Partner

On 10 June 2024, Business Leading Initiative Development (BUILD) organised a stakeholder consultation on European Union Circular Textiles Policies on Trading Partner Countries at its Conference Room to identify practical measures to support Bangladesh’s textile industry in adapting to the EU’s sustainable and circular textiles strategy. BUILD, in association with Chatham House and Circle Economy, supported by GIZ, Laudes Foundation and European Environment Bureau (EEB), has commissioned the study in this respect.

For Bangladesh, the textile industry, especially ready-made garments (RMG), plays a vital role in the national economy and labour market. The export of ready-made garments increased by 3.67% in 2023 to $47.39 billion, up from $45.71 billion in 2022, according to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data. The EU has undertaken a strategy for promoting sustainable and circular textiles and the fashion industry. The summary of key findings and analysis of the study was presented by Dr Patrick Schroeder, Senior Research Fellow, Environment and Society Program, The Royal Institute Affairs, Chatham House. The discussions focused on potential opportunities and challenges, changes to upstream trade patterns, future textile exports to the EU, and recommendations for policy development.

While delivering the keynote, Dr Patrick Schroeder said we must assess the sector’s landscape before providing feedback on potential impacts and necessary adaptations for Bangladesh’s textile industry. We also need to figure out strategies for enhancing collaboration between EU and Bangladesh stakeholders to promote a sustainable and circular global textiles sector.

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