Logistics Infrastructure Development Working Committee (LIDWC) Held at PMO

The 4th Logistics Infrastructure Development Working Committee (LIDWC) occurred at the Prime Minister’s Office on June 19, 2023. The meeting was co-chaired by Mohammad Salahuddin, Secretary PMO, and Abul Kasem Khan, Former Chairperson of BUILD. Nihad Kabir, Chairperson of BUILD, attended the meeting and spoke.

BUILD CEO Ara Begum presented the committee’s comprehensive plan of activities for the next year, 2023-24. The committee will work extensively in coordination with the National Logistics Development Coordination Committee (NLDCC) formed in the PMO and its five sub-committees.

Speakers urged to simplify the existing policy framework for the logistics sector to achieve national growth targets and strengthen trade and investment capacity to reduce business costs. Bangladesh cannot be behind while other South and Southeast Asian countries are taking the lead in extending logistics support and already have set out policies and strategies.
The committee stressed reducing logistics costs, setting out a plan correctly, and acting accordingly to reduce expenses gradually. LIDWC will extend all possible assistance to NLDCC and its sub-committees to ensure a holistic logistics sector. Development partners may come forward to provide financial support to implement the work plan of LIDWC, where BUILD can coordinate with other relevant agencies.

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