The Fourth Meeting of the 4IR&ICT Working Committee: Assembling of Industrial Robots in Bangladesh for Creating New Employment

The fourth Meeting of the 4IR&ICT Working Committee chaired by Mohammad Rezaul Karim, Managing Director of BHTPA, was held on 24 July 2023 at Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA). The meeting discussed the potential of Assembling Industrial robots in Bangladesh to create new job opportunities.

BUILD CEO Ferdaus Ara Begum delivered a keynote presentation on the potential of assembling industrial robots in various sectors of Bangladesh. She discussed the social and economic impacts of robot integration, including job displacement, skills development, and ethical considerations. Bangladesh can exploit global value chains by becoming an ‘assembling’ hub. The implementation of the Industrial Policy 2022 supports the importance of robot assembling, and various agencies are involved in this initiative. The policy paper recommended conducting a demand analysis for the type of robots needed, updating robotics strategies, investing in education and skills development, using robots in risky areas first, and promoting university-industry collaboration.

Dr Mehedi Anwar emphasised the need for 5G to use advanced technology effectively. Mr Syed Tamjidur Rahman stressed collaborative activities and knowledge sharing in the technology sector. Dr Shamim Ahmed Dewan highlighted the importance of aligning demand with assembling robotics and developing a skilled workforce. BIDA Director Golam Mohammed Bhuiyan acknowledged robotics as a potential investment sector, while Mr Enamul Hafiz Latifee from BASIS discussed the increasing demand for robots in certain industries and the need for tax incentives. Mr Masum Billah supported using CSR funding for academic research. Several officials from different organizations were present and shared their views on the occasion.

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